April 16, 2011

New Business Cards

Well, I've had a wonderful senior year--full of competitions won and awards accepted and I can't help but to feel proud. In light of my up and coming graduation, I made these business cards to help me along my never ending quest for jobs.

I have plenty of cards with 5 unique backs, each to commemorate my fond memories of senior year:

La Musica 25: symbolizes my honors and awards

Samson: symbolizes my all my prayers that came true

Flash VS Thing: symbolizes the fun I had in my advanced illustration class

My Senior Self Portrait: symbolizes my four years at Ringling culminating and the future that lies before me

And the final one represents my senior thesis and concept art. (Stay tuned for all my thesis posts coming in a few days!)

I would like to thank The La Musica Community, Society of Illustrators, Hillels of the Florida Suncoast, Ringling College, my family, beautiful girlfriend, friends, and all the admirers who view this blog for your undying love and support.

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